Pamela Pinter is the President of Big Apple Customs Brokers, Inc., a woman owned corporation. Pamela began her professional career over 20 years ago. Having passed her Customs Broker’s License Exam in 1979 she has seen the transformation of the industry from paper to Internet.

Big Apple Customs Brokers, Inc. is a niche broker clearing simple and complicated Customs entry transactions. With a network of global contacts all aspects of logistics support is provided. Big Apple Customs Brokers, Inc. is proud of the level of customer service and accessibility of telephone and web support. Occasionally a question is not immediately answerable. Give Big Apple an hour and they will find that answer. Big Apple Customs Brokers, Inc. is a full service broker, handing all commodities, perishables, household goods clearances and every entry type code.

Big Apple Customs Brokers, Inc. is an independent broker. On staff are two licensed brokers and a pro-active team several members with the company for more than 15 years. Quick, reliable and personal service is Big Apple’s daily focus.




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